Journalists and HRDs in Mexico work to defend other people at risk and do so in a context of great violence, a heavy workload, low economic resources and a context of almost total impunity.

This project consists of the following points:

– Diagnosis
With one of the 4 organizations we have already made a diagnosis. Because of it we identify his main security problems and we trace a strengthening path with concrete measures generated together with the organization.

– Technical support
We will provide preventive and corrective maintenance to the computer equipment, documenting the process and sharing it with each organization.

– Technical support for websites.
One of the organizations is part of a large network of journalists and each member has a website. We will give technical support to some of the websites, documenting and showing them how to do it in the future.

– Training.
Our main focus is to strengthen people. That’s why the trainings are an important part of our project.

– Practical guides on the use of digital security tools.
We think about this material so that people have an easy-to-consult document that strengthens the content of the workshops when we are no longer accompanying the organizations.

– Construction and implementation of IT Policies.
Based on good practices, we discuss with each organization the different security measures that can be adopted based on their possibilities, the training we provide, the resources of the organization and their specific work.

– Follow up. When finishing each of the tasks with each of the organizations, we will maintain the accompaniment to solve doubts, help in specific tasks related to the project.

– Feedback on the use of digital security tools. Throughout the process we will collect the feedback of each of the free software tools to share this experience with those who created the tools.