Souriatna is an independent Syrian media exiled in Turkey.

Souriatna owns a website and prints and distributes every week a newspaper in Syrian opposition areas and some countries of asylum, inside refugees camps. Free of charge. The threats against Souriatna started in 2015 when the media used the famous “Je suis Charlie”. Their website was hacked for the first time at the beginning of 2015 then hacked again in February 2016. Their recent move in a new office left them in a position where they did not had any more efficient digital protection : no VPN, no backup process. Souriatna chief editor asked asked Nothing2Hide to help him to secure Souriatna data and communication.

We visited Souriatna office in Istanbul and performed a security audit of their network and process. We spent 3 days to install tools and train the team to use them. Souriatna office is now equipped with a secured Internet connection (relying on WireGuard) and all their sensitives data are now encrypted and backed up in a private cloud.The most important part of this project is that we did not change their Souriatna process, or if we did, it was only slightly changes. We believe adoption and long term support up is the key when it comes to digital safety.