Satori provides tamper-resistant downloads of circumvention and security tools often blocked in repressive countries, such as Iran and China.

Satori solves two major problems that human rights defenders, journalists, and ordinary citizens face as they try to publish and maintain access to information online. Satori distributes censorship circumvention software in a tamper-resistant way to people behind national firewalls. Getting access to circumvention tools is difficult when download pages are blocked. Despite the well-documented risk of man-in-the-middle attacks that deliver spyware to activists, the current technical solution to this problem is out of reach for most people. Verifying cryptographic signatures is difficult for all but advanced end users who are comfortable with the command line.

Many other countries embed malware in these tools eradicating any increase in access or privacy the tool would otherwise provide. Currently, Satori is only available as a Google Chrome Browser App. This project will introduce this critical service as both a desktop and mobile app (for Windows and Android). It will also expand the diversity of circumvention channels users can employ to access these verified downloads.