NewNode is the first decentralized, peer-to-peer (P2P) content delivery protocol, enabling data distribution free from censorship, spying, and attack. Its Channels allow secure broadcasting over a P2P/Device-to-Device ad-hoc network even when connectivity is compromised or content is censored.

The introduction of secure, privacy-respective broadcasting channels to this internet shutdown-resilient messenger is a valuable tool for independent media publishers, activists, and content creators operating in high-censorship environments. By integrating comparable features to popular tools like Telegram, the project aims to make NewNode more appealing to a wider variety of users. 

For community members who want to help, you can strengthen the network by running altruistic nodes in good network environments to help people who have limited internet access.

NewNode is developed by a team that created FireChat, led BitTorrent’s response to deep packet inspection (DPI), and invented the protocol LEDBAT. For more information, visit