Qual.net is a multi-platform, secure, anonymous internet-independent WiFi communication application for and by people in repressive countries.

Qaul.net is a communication tool created by and for people in repressive internet environments. It makes information exchange possible via direct peer-to-peer local communication while providing all the basic communication necessities in one single application (voice chat, text messaging, file sharing). qaul.net has a strong focus on usability and ease of use to make communication in situations under censorship and with restricted freedom of speech as easy as possible.

This project will focus on building qaul.net version 2.0, complete with updated technologies allowing new interconnection possibilities – making it possible for users’ devices to directly connect and communicate with one another. Specific planned project goals include developing features such as VoIP, text messaging, and file sharing, network layer development, app security development, and testing in alpha and beta versions before the ultimate release of version 2.0.