PushSecure is a way for apps from differing developers to send push messages between their apps using a federated and decentralized architecture while protecting user metadata.

Nearly all mobile apps today, from WeChat to Facetime, use a common set of services to send basic messages to and from the device. Typically, these messages all go through Apple and Google. While all of these messages go through these common places, it is incredibly easy for repressive governments to censor and monitor this communication. PushSecure created a decentralized push service that allows app developers to provide inter-operable push messaging in a way that eliminates the service’s knowledge of message content and minimizes any identifiable metadata (who is speaking to who).

This specification will ultimately give end-users much more control over their communications and metadata trail without sacrificing modern usability expectations for asynchronous push messaging. People living under repressive governments are gravitating towards apps such as WeChat because they are easy to use and provide push messaging but users are subjected to censorship and active monitoring by the Chinese government and cannot escape because of the network lock-in effect. Because operators of apps like WeChat and WhatsApp do not allow federation or inter-app push, they can prevent users from