NoScript is a popular privacy and security enhancing browser extension for Mozilla Firefox and is pre-installed in the Tor Browser.

NoScript increases the safety of online browsing by restricting the use of online content often misused by repressive actors to either track an individuals Internet usage or to compromise their computer via in-browser scripts. It does so by making sure JavaScript, Flash and other executable content run only from trusted domains of a person’s choosing or block them in their entirety. NoScript currently has millions of users worldwide and is translated into more than 40 languages.

The Firefox browser is transitioning to a multi-process architecture referred to as Electrolysis. Without a significant overhaul, NoScript will no longer function following this transition. As a result of this development, OTF is supporting a significant overhaul of the NoScript add-on to ensure their millions of users can continue to have access to its privacy and security enhancing features. This redesign will also ensure the full set of protections NoScript provides are extended to the mobile platform.

To date, NoScript has been available exclusively on Mozilla Firefox and a few other products strictly limited by code base which hinders any attempt to diversify the safe browsing options for Chrome / Chromium browsers and taking advantage of desirable security features such as its security sandbox.

“Cross-Browser NoScript” will leverage the new Chromium-compatible WebExtensions API provided by Mozilla and the closely related standardization effort in the W3C Browser Extensions Community Group in order to make NoScript support the other major modern browsers as well, starting with what is currently the most popular of them all, Google Chrome.