NewNode is the first decentralized peer-to-peer content delivery protocol, enabling data distribution free from censorship, spying, and attack.

NewNode is a new way for users to request and receive Internet content using an encrypted, distributed content delivery network (CDN).  NewNode allows global media apps censored in their target countries to function as intended; adds communication options for users in countries that tier national and international traffic; and offers greater freedom for anyone living in heavily filtered Internet regimes.  NewNode allows users to avoid network monitoring, reduce CDN costs, and improves both network reliability and DDoS resilience.

NewNode’s content delivery protocol seamlessly builds a decentralized content distribution network which enables apps to receive content through secure peer-to-peer distribution—even if access to the source of the material is blocked for most users. The NewNode SDK is quickly and easily deployed by publishers, transparent to end users, and improves network performance and reliability.

NewNode enables independent media, activists, opposition politicians, nonprofit and governmental organizations, and, in the future, the general public, to have their voice heard regardless of censorship attempts or network blocking.

Developed with OpenTechFund’s support, the updated version of the NewNode SDK, available for both iOS and Android, recently completed a full third-party security audit.  This NewNode iteration features a new peer-to-peer protocol and a transport encryption layer to protect the protocol against detection, snooping, and tampering.