A secure group messaging protocol allowing instantaneous communications between any number (n) of people

Equalit.ie created this project to improve the state of current standards used for multi-party encrypted instant messaging. The primary focus was to build upon the current robust standard Instant Message encryption specification which supports only two users (Off-the-Record) by developing the specification supporting multiple users (Multi-Party Off-the-Record). Third party developers are now able to reference the formalized protocol and implementation specifications to enable secure group communications for the first time on the world’s most popular chat protocols, including IRC, Bonjour, Yahoo, MSN, Facebook, GoogleTalk and AIM as well as on self-hosted XMPP and Jabber servers. By focusing efforts on a generally applicable API rather than a plugin for a specific tool ie streamlined a robust pipeline for bringing (n+1)sec to a huge community of users interested in secure messaging and accelerating its adoption further afield.