Mailvelope is an open-source browser extension designed to securely encrypt emails on webmail providers using OpenPGP standards.

Originating as an open-source project in 2012, Mailvelope addressed the perceived complexity of utilizing OpenPGP for email encryption at the time. Additionally, popular webmail services lacked end-to-end encryption functionality, making Mailvelope a well-known and widely used solution within the Open Source Community over the past decade.

In recent years, user needs have evolved, and new technical challenges have emerged. Several fund rounds from OTF have helped maintain high-security standards, improve the usability and UI design, implement the latest OpenPGP updates, improve and localize documentation and the website, and provide a beginner’s guide. Details can be found on the Mailvelope website and its blog.

In 2020, Mailvelope decided to launch its first commercial product, Mailvelope Business. This product enhances Gmail connectivity for Google Workspace users through API integration, simplifying the encryption and decryption of emails
(including attachments) to be as seamless as regular email communication.

The high-level objectives for this project, funded by OTF’s Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Sustainability Fund, currently include:

● Software development and maintenance tasks
● Improving the usability of Mailvelope
● Human resources: extending the Mailvelope team
● Enhancing FOSS partnerships and entering the enterprise market
● Overall improvements in support and helpdesk availability
● Community building