Digital rights defenders (DRDs) are facing increased risks related to online censorship and surveillance, overt online harassment, and the escalation of sophisticated legal, digital, and physical attacks. Alarmingly, while repressive autocratic actors become better at sharing tactics, DRDs are facing more challenges related to coordinating and sharing information with each other. Building on their previous work in supporting the global DRDs, Team CommUNITY will enhance internet freedom through building more resilient frontline communities. This will include both asynchronous and synchronous community initiatives, including the in-person Global Gathering events, which bring together approximately 6,000+ DRDs from across the globe for collective goal setting and network development.

Team CommUNITY (TCU) is a community-based membership network that brings together digital defenders from across the globe fighting surveillance, censorship, and other issues sitting at the intersection of human rights and technology. Our mission is to foster and nurture healthy, resilient, and inclusive communities of digital rights defenders across the globe. Our community works to achieve digital rights and internet freedoms for all. We do this by offering services and creating community spaces that further members’ work and wellbeing, while enhancing collaboration, solidarity, and equity in the wider digital rights field.