FreeWeChat is a platform where censored WeChat public posts are compiled and posted in real time.

WeChat is one of the fastest growing and most popular chat applications used in China, boasting over 700 million active users. Censorship and surveillance on WeChat is prevalent and well documented (see this 2015 Citizen Lab report by ICFP fellow Jason Q. Ng and instances of arrest following discussions on WeChat herehere, and here). This project follows in the footsteps of FreeWeibo, which tracks censorship on the Sina Weibo social media platform. Check out FreeWeChat here.

Addressed problems

  • Blocking, filtering, or modification of political, social, and/or religious content (including apps)
  • Restrictive Internet filtering by technical methods (IP blocking, DNS filtering, TCP RST, DPI, etc.)
  • Pro-government manipulation of online discussions (propaganda, imitation content, and/or sockpuppets)
  • Repressive surveillance or monitoring of communication
  • Policies, laws, or directives that increase surveillance, censorship, and punishment


  • Research


  • Activists
  • General public
  • Journalists
  • Advocacy groups/NGOs
  • Academia
  • Technologists

Region(s) archive

  • Eastern Asia


  • China

Technology attributes

  • Web application