Delta Chat enables decentralized secure messaging utilizing email provider infrastructure.

Delta Chat is a new, unique messaging application that functions like any text messaging tool but is built with an email backend, enabling enhanced user privacy and security with end-to-end encryption via Autocrypt. Delta Chat is novel in that it does not require a phone number, has no central server, and has email anonymity potential, offering resilience to surveillance that is vital for users in repressive contexts. The first phase of OTF support focused on maturing Delta Chat’s development, building cross-platform and multi-device support, and also conducting user research in order to improve usability features.

The second phase of OTF support is focusing on addressing the needs of frontline activists who are exposed to asymmetric threats. While coordination often occurs from a safe basecamp location, users in the field are exposed to higher risks, such as device seizure or detention. Such asymmetric threat feature support will include A/V support for high-risk field-missions, optimized for low-bandwith usage scenarios; security against network or message exploitation attacks; and better uptake, onboarding and sustainability.