A simple browser extension that creates new Tor bridges with no setup or configuration required.

Cupcake is a browser extension that lets uncensored users contribute their own internet access to create new entry points to the Tor network. Cupcake benefits at-risk individuals who aren’t able to connect to the internet via the Tor network’s more traditional introduction points like guard nodes and bridges. For most users, connecting this way offers a more robust defense against a wider variety of surveillance and censorship threats. 2019 support for Cupcake will focus on substantially revising Cupcake’s codebase, adding two long-requested features (user-defined bandwidth throttling and privacy-preserving user contribution mechanics), and increasing Cupcake’s user base.

Previous (2013) support for Cupcake focused on the browser extension’s original development: Tor bridges are Tor relays that aren’t listed in the main Tor directory. They are a step forward in the blocking resistance race. Cupcake is a browser extension that allows users to become new Tor bridges automatically, without having to install a full software suite or configure anything. This project created a Cupcake Bridge extension for Firefox and plugins to work on sites like WordPress and Drupal, significantly growing the number of global Tor bridges.