CGIProxy is “the original anti-censorship software,” allowing anyone anywhere to view and share web content.

CGIProxy is a tool that allows users to bypass censorship to both view and share web content in repressive environments. Notably, the tool is a great asset for oppressed populations as it is clientless, can be used on mobile phones, and is a great solution for challenges that vulnerable users face in Internet cafes when they are unable to install client-side software. It is a clientless solution, meaning users do not need to download anything to use it.

CGIProxy is housed at Berkeley Institute for Free Speech Online (BIFSO), whose primary task is updating CGIProxy to add new features and support new Web technologies. Under OTF support, BIFSO is focused on upgrading the CGIProxy circumvention tool to offer the most efficient and secure tool available to users worldwide. To achieve this BIFSO plans to enable automatic upgrades, enable data gathering that measures unique users and traffic while preserving privacy, and improve user interface in 15 languages to ensure ease of use for non-technical users.