Bitpart is a chatbot engine that will enable easy, mass communication of news, software, organizing information, or any other kind of broadcast data via secure, proven communication on such platforms as Signal. Bitpart can be used to more easily warn of a crackdown on protest, alert to an invasion or disaster, or disseminate instructions and software for accessing an uncensored internet.

Over the years, our cooperative of software engineers have regularly worked with such Internet freedom groups as OTF, Reset, Center for Digital Resilience, Radio Free Europe, and the Guardian Project. This ongoing work enlightens us that activists in repressive states continue to need a simpler, more secure tool to organize large scale encrypted text blasts. Additionally, organizations supporting these activists need a secure, scalable way to distribute tools that circumvent surveillance. This is where Bitpart comes in.

Bitpart will be the only consistently maintained, open-source, security-driven chatbot platform solution made for activists. It will leverage the applications users have already installed on their devices, rather than requiring them to adopt a new tool. We’re designing the platform to connect with a variety of services (targeting Signal, WhatsApp, Telegram, and Slack to start) to meet activists where they already do their organizing.