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As part of Rightscon, Benetech and Access co-hosted a Demo Room, which brought together lightning talks with thought leaders, highlighted emerging voices from Southeast Asia and elsewhere, engaged with the technology sector and provided opportunities to showcase new initiatives in technology and human rights.

Funding to date

$86 600
2 months
Total funding: 
$86 600
Core issues: 
Access to the Internet Security from danger or threat online
Current project status
  • Just an Idea (Pre-alpha)
  • It Exists! (Alpha/Beta)
  • It's basically done. (Release)
  • People Use It. (Production)
We wrote about it
Deploying technology
General public
Addressed problems
Restrictive Internet filtering by technical methods (IP blocking, DNS filtering, TCP RST, DPI, etc.)
Blocking, filtering, or modification of political, social, and/or religious content (including apps)
Technical attacks against government critics, journalists, and/or human rights organizations (Cyberattacks)
Localized or nationwide communications shut down or throttling (Blackouts)
Physical intimidation, arrest, violence (including device seizure or destruction), and death for political or social reasons
Repressive surveillance or monitoring of communication
Technology focus
Not applicable