Denna Millet joined RFA in October 2014 as a Program Manager with OTF.

Before joining OTF, she worked on programs to support digital activists, citizen journalists and civil society actors in the Middle East and North Africa at the National Democratic Institute. She worked at NDI to build the capacity of digital activists and citizen journalists in the Arab world and Iran by facilitating trainings and connecting them with experts in digital security and privacy. Most recently, she supported NDI’s Egypt civic engagement program, which involved designing and implementing advocacy workshops and providing follow-on technical assistance to Egyptian civil society actors.

Prior to her time at NDI, Denna worked on the Prospects for Peace Initiative, a joint project by the New America Foundation and Century Foundation, focused on advancing pragmatic policy solutions to the Arab-Israeli conflict in Washington, DC. Denna has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Political Science and International Studies from Macalester College, MN and a Master of Arts in International Affairs from George Washington University.