Independent Researcher

Collin Anderson is on the Information Controls Fellowship Program Advisory Council.

He is a Washington D.C.-based computer scientist focused on Internet controls and restrictions on communications, including network ownership, disruption of access and regulatory regimes, with an emphasis on countries that limit the free flow of information.

Anderson has extensively published on public interest issues in coordination with a wide range of academic institutions, think tanks and civil society organizations. Through open research and cross-organizational collaboration, these efforts have included monitoring the international sale of surveillance equipment, identifying violations of export controls and sanctions, quantifying disputes between core network operators, combating state-based digital attacks, exploring alternative means of communications that bypass governmental controls, and applying big data to shed new light on increasingly sophisticated restrictions by repressive governments.

These research endeavors support a public policy of promoting online expression and accountability for human right violations, including reinforcing global Internet Freedom efforts, informing the regulation of the sale of surveillance technologies and reducing barriers to online communications for individuals under comprehensive sanctions restrictions.