Tor Exit Relays to be Run in Libraries: Library Freedom Project

Libraries + Tor = win
Wed, 2015-07-29 20:51

The Library Freedom Project (LFP) has announced the launch of a new project: running Tor exit relays in libraries, supporting a crucial Tor process that makes use of the Tor Browser possible.

Tor relies on a worldwide network of relays to anonymize a user’s identity and circumvent censorship mechanisms. The Tor relay system, which is volunteer-based, is what allows Tor end users in repressive Internet environments to safely, securely, and anonymously access the global Internet.

We’re excited to see LFP expanding Tor’s capacity, as well as increasing knowledge and support for a more free and openly accessible global Internet.

The Library Freedom Project conducts digital security trainings across the US and abroad, educating librarians on “surveillance threats, privacy rights and responsibilities, and digital tools to stop surveillance.” Learn more about the LFP and their awesome work on the LFP website.

For more on how Tor works, check out this animation.