The Tor Project’s New Tool Aims To Map Out Internet Censorship

Wed, 2013-03-20 21:34


From the article:

For years, the non-profit Tor Project has offered Internet users the world’s most secure tool for dodging censorship and surveillance, used by tens of millions of people around the world.

Now two of the project’s researchers aim to help users to not only bypass what they call the “filternet”–the choked, distorted and censored subset of the Internet–but to understand it and map it out, the better to eradicate its restrictions.

Tor developers Arturo Filasto and Jacob Appelbaum are the co-creators of OONI-probe, an early-stage open-source software tool designed to be installed on any PC and run to collect data about local meddling with the computer’s network connections, whether it be censorship, surveillance or selective bandwidth slowdowns.

OONI, their acronym for the Open Observatory of Network Interference, aims to “show an accurate topology of network interference and censorship,” as Filasto and Appelbaum describe the project in its documentation.

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