The Guardian Project: Building Mobile Security for a Dangerous World

Wed, 2013-03-20 21:42


From the article:

Into that space steps the Guardian Project, an open-source team led by Brooklyn-based technologist and activist Nathan Freitas that is working to battle-protect Google’s open-source Android mobile operating system.

The big idea is to equip activists, journalists, and any of the rest of us with something to be afraid of with the cell phones, tablets, and other luggable devices up to the complexities of the modern information space. Fascinating in its own right, the Guardian Project merits attention for capturing some of the more powerful trends at work in the world at the moment. Generations of people the world over are growing up with a native comfort with mobile computers, devices that are often relatively cheap. Open source software is on the rise. Early adopters of personal computing are, arguably, exhibiting what looks to be an increasing political awareness.

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