Rainbow tables and boomerang attacks: Crypto terminology defined

A helpful Crypto lexicon.
Wed, 2015-04-29 17:50

The Open Technology Fund recently supported the compilation of a fairly extensive list of cryptography-related terminology. The document is meant to be a helpful point of reference for those hoping to demystify the array of terms and phrases used to describe encryption, whether you’re a budding cryptologist, an Internet freedom activist, a seasoned mathematician or anyone in between. The document is by no means exhaustive and has been published in such a way that it is an ongoing work in progress. It’s now yours; please contribute to, improve, and update this document. Help us keep up with the rapidly evolving field of safe communication and the language we use to define it.

Check out the Crypto lexicon in all its glory here.

If you see a needed change, please submit an issue right now, issue a pull request, or just shoot us a note with suggestions and the like. Happy encrypting!