Radio Free Asia Audit Report

Tue, 2015-06-16 06:20

As a strong supporter of all things open source, OTF appreciates and understands the value and importance of auditing. It’s part of what we do – facilitating independent security audits for technology we support in order to make their projects stronger, their effectiveness greater, and their users safer.

It is through this lens that OTF views the recent audit of Radio Free Asia’s Expenditures, conducted by the State Department and Broadcasting Board of Governors’ Office of Inspector General (OIG). As a program of RFA, this audit includes a good look at OTF’s expenditures as well. Like the security audits required of our technology-centric projects, we believe financial audits serve as an important opportunity for OTF to reflect on the progress we’ve made, discover areas where we can improve, and continue with our mission of enhancing Internet freedom worldwide as effectively as possible.

With that shared goal in mind, we worked conscientiously to cooperate fully with the OIG audit team as they conducted their inspection process. We principally welcome the scrutiny that comes with such an in-depth analysis as it further justifies why we stand behind our work with such pride, confidence and, above all, openness.

We’re happy to report that we’ve come away from the audit feeling reassured, optimistic, and confident in our performance to date. The OIG audit, along with the results of our next audit (GAO, currently underway), will be used by OTF to improve our operations to the fullest extent possible.

OTF wholeheartedly appreciates the efforts undertaken by the OIG in administering this audit. We recognize that it is assessments like this that allow us to grow and expand our efforts supporting Internet freedom worldwide.