Open Technology Fund Announces ‘Free and Open Source Software’ Sustainability Fund

OTF’s newest fund helps to support sustainable FOSS ecosystems.
Mon, 2023-01-02 15:13

The Open Technology Fund is pleased to announce the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Sustainability Fund, a new mechanism to support the long-term maintenance of FOSS projects and the communities that sustain them.

For the past decade the Open Technology Fund has helped people around the world exercise their fundamental human rights online through innovative open-source technology. Today, many of these technologies are the foundation of the free and open internet. Despite the critical role that open source technologies play in the internet ecosystem, they are perpetually under-funded and under-supported. To help respond to this challenge, OTF is launching the FOSS Sustainability Fund to ensure that free and open source software projects and the communities that sustain them have the resources and support needed to maintain and secure these critical tools. The FOSS Fund is part of OTF’s commitment to support a diverse, vibrant, and sustainable ecosystem for FOSS software.

OTF is pleased to be launching the FOSS Fund with support* from Schmidt Futures’ Plaintext Group, Omidyar Network, Okta, and GitHub. We are proud to be launching this fund with other organizations that value open source technologies and invest in the security and sustainability of these tools. In addition to expanding support for these critical technologies, these contributions also help to match OTF’s Congressional funding with non-federal resources and deliver on OTF’s mandate to maximize cooperation between public and private sectors.

If you have any questions, please contact [email protected].

The first FOSS Fund solicitation will open in spring 2024.

*Any funding provided or recommended by these groups will only be used to support the FOSS Fund and does not constitute core support for OTF.