Open Technology Fund Announces 2020/2021 Internet Freedom Fund (IFF) Advisory Council Cohort

Wed, 2021-09-01 15:30

Open Technology Fund (OTF) is pleased to announce the 2020/2021 Internet Freedom Fund (IFF) Advisory Council Cohort. OTF’s Advisory Council supports the organization by providing feedback and guidance to IFF applications as it relates to OTF’s mission. As an essential part of OTF’s review process, this group of technical, regional, and specialized experts conduct an essential and objective review of IFF applications prior to any funding disbursement.

OTF’s Advisory Council cohort is composed exclusively of volunteers passionate about OTF’s work within the internet freedom community. The cohort is representative of the broader internet freedom community, providing unique and diverse insights to ensure every IFF proposal is competitive, supports the needs of the internet freedom community, and supports OTF’s mission. OTF supports open technologies and communities that increase free expression, circumvent censorship, and counter repressive surveillance as a way to promote human rights and open societies.

The members of the 2020/2021 IFF Advisory Council cohort are listed below. We invite you to explore their biographies and their work on advancing global internet freedom:

Abir Ghattas

Amira El-Sayed

Berhan Taye

Bernard Tyers

Bryan Nunez

Cheekay Cinco

Ellery Biddle

Emily Ratliff

Gustaf Björksten

J. Bob Alotta

Jac sm Kee

Jennifer Henrichsen

Jillian C. York

Katharine Jarmul

Mallory Knodel

Matt Mitchell

Nani Jansen Reventlow

Norman Shamas

Paola Villareal

Roya Ensafi

Sandra Ordonez

Sanne Stevens

Stefania Milan

Tom Ritter