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OONI Releases New Mobile Censorship Detection App

| By: Dan McDevitt

Ooniprobe available for both Android and iOS devices

OTF-supported OONI (Open Observatory of Network Interference) has released a new mobile app, ooniprobe, that allows anyone to detect internet censorship and surveillance on their network.

The app, available for both Android and iOS devices, runs connectivity tests to determine whether websites are being blocked. Ooniprobe also tests for the presence of censorship technology in order to assess how blocks are occurring. This way, OONI can then determine the most suitable circumvention method to get around the block, which is presented to users along with the test results.

All tests run in the ooniprobe app are automatically published on OONI Explorer, where the compiled data is openly browsable and searchable, allowing the results to be used for further research, tested independently, and also analyzed by country.

OONI plans to add additional functions to the app in the future, including tests to detect censorship of WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger.

You can learn more about ooniprobe on the OONI blog.

Download the ooniprobe app for Android or iOS and run your own censorship test now:

Media coverage: CNN, CNN Arabic, The Atlantic, Forbes, CyberScoop, Android Central, International Business Times UK,, India Times

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