Now Accepting Applications for the OTF Usability Lab

OTF is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for Usability Lab services.
Fri, 2021-03-05 17:25

OTF is excited to announce that we are accepting applications for Usability Lab services. Usability Lab provides secure usability and UX assistance services for open source technology projects that enable people to practice their human rights online safely and securely, free from surveillance, censorship, and other forms of online repression. Please refer to the Usability Lab page for a list of services Usability Lab is able to support, and information about our partner organisations, and refer to this blog post for answers to frequently asked questions.

OTF’s Usability Lab was founded in 2015 in partnership with Simply Secure, to offer usability audits to FLOSS circumvention and digital security tools, to help them solve recognise and solve usability challenges that hampered the adoption of those tools where they are needed the most. In March 2018, and in response to community feedback, Usability Lab started working with more partners and increased the number or services provided to help offer more types of usability support to tools.

OTF is very proud of how much progress the secure usability community has made in the past six years, as evidenced by the increased availability of resources on the subject, the integration of usability best practices by circumvention and digital security tools, and the increased adoption of those tools globally as a direct result of improved usability. Furthermore, OTF is encouraged by the increased recognition within the human rights and technology funder community on the importance of dedicating more resources to improve the usability of human rights enabling tools in order to address the unique challenges this field of practice faces.

If you’re a usability expert, tool developer, or funder interested in Usability Lab’s work, don’t hesitate to reach out to [email protected]