NoScript Contract Announcement

NoScript overhauls essential as Mozilla browser platform evolves
Fri, 2015-06-26 18:36

OTF has signed a contract with privacy and security-enhancing NoScript, a popular, free and open-source extension for Firefox and other Mozilla-based web browsers. The contract comes at a crucial time as Mozilla prepares to implement major changes to the way the Firefox browser operates.

Mozilla is currently restructuring the way the entire Firefox browser system functions. At present, both browser UI and web content run concurrently in a single OS process. Future versions of Firefox will run the browser UI separate from web content – what Mozilla calls ‘Multiprocess Firefox.’ Without significant overhaul, this change would render the NoScript add-on defunct.

In response, OTF is supporting a revamp of the NoScript add-on to ensure its millions of users worldwide can continue to utilize its privacy and security enhancing features as Mozilla implements these changes. Additionally, OTF will support merging the desktop and mobile versions of NoScript, and consolidating existent separate code-bases into a single code base.

The NoScript add-on increases user safety online by only allowing plugins like Javascript, Java, and Flash to be executed by web sites you trust, at your discretion. NoScript comes pre-installed in the Tor Browser, an OTF-supported tool. There are millions of NoScript users worldwide and it has been translated into more than 40 languages.

Check out more about OTF’s support for NoScript here.

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