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More than 200 URLs blocked in Pakistan in three years: Dawn

| By: Dan McDevitt

Reporting a recent OONI report on internet censorship in Pakistan, Dawn reports that over 200 URLs have been blocked in the country over the past three years.

From the article: “In random tests involving 22 internet service providers (ISPs) it has been found that more than 200 URLs have been blocked in Pakistan, according to a research study carried out by the Open Observatory of Network Interference (OONI) and Bytes for All Pakistan.

The research report released on Wednesday looked at data from 2014 to 2017 and confirmed detection of 210 URLs in the country that were blocked by 22 ISPs.

Several tests, including the HTTP Invalid Request Line and header field manipulation and Vanilla Tor, were carried out to confirm the detection of blocked URLs.

The research study is part of an ongoing effort to look at internet censorship in Pakistan and more than 200 other countries around the world. The OONI and Bytes for All Pakistan collaborated on the project to examine internet censorship in the country through collection and analysis of network measurements.

‘Explicit blockpages were observed for many of these URLs, while others were blocked by means of DNS tampering,’ said the report.

Read the full article here. Read the OONI report here.

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