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Join the OTF Team!

A lot of big changes have been taking place at OTF -- we’ve become an independent non-profit organization, and we’ve doubled our annual budget to over $20 million. We’re excited about what these new opportunities mean for OTF and our ability to advance Internet freedom, and we’re looking for more passionate, creative Internet freedom defenders to join our amazing team!

OTF is a mission-focused organization dedicated to promoting Internet freedom globally to ensure that all people can access information, communicate, and associate freely online without fear of repressive censorship or surveillance. We’re looking for new team members who are passionate about this mission and committed to working with our community to find innovative and impactful solutions to advance Internet freedom for all.

OTF is dedicated to creating an inclusive and diverse team that represents unique backgrounds, experiences, knowledge, and skill-sets. We thrive when different perspectives and diverse experiences come together behind a shared commitment to a free and open internet. We are committed to creating an environment where all voices feel valued, included, and empowered to share their perspective in furtherance of these goals. Learn more about OTF’s values and principles here:

PLUS, check out all the awesome people and projects you’ll get to work with!

OTF is currently hiring for the following positions:

-Program Manager (US-based) to help shape and inform OTF’s funding decisions and manage a portfolio of Internet freedom projects.

-Digital Security Coordinator (US-based) to lead OTF’s efforts to support the unique digital security needs of USAGM’s media networks and their journalists.

-Program Specialist (US-based) to support and coordinate OTF’s programmatic activities and processes.

COMING SOON! Program Manager (International) to help shape and inform OTF’s funding decisions and manage a portfolio of Internet freedom projects.

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