Internet Censorship Circumvention Protocols

Are Shadowsocks and Torjan-go still relevant? This whitepaper by the nthLiink engineering team raises critical questions about their continued efficacy.
Wed, 2023-11-29 20:30

Are Shadowsocks and Trojan-go Still Relevant?

In this whitepaper, the engineering team behind nthLink—a free mobile app for safe internet access that works even when content is blocked—analyzes various censorship circumvention tools and techniques, with a focus on Shadowsocks and Trojan-go. They raise critical questions about the future efficacy of these technologies and aim to guide users and developers in choosing or designing the most appropriate tools for defeating censorship, rooted in the principle that the best protocol is that which can be tailored to individual needs.


  • An overview various online censorship circumvention tools and techniques
  • Limitations to the popular Shadowsocks proxy for censorship circumvention
  • Alternatives to Shadowsocks, including Trojan-go
  • The recently uncovered vulnerabilities of Transport Layer Security (TLS)-in-TLS-based circumvention protocols (such as Trojan-go) to detection and a potential new alternative in V2Ray

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