GlobaLeaks: The Open Source Whistleblower Software

Wed, 2013-03-20 21:38


From the article:

Since the rise of WikiLeaks, there have been many sites that rose up to be the next document leaking platform. They have all seen various degrees of success, but a new service might just be worth it.

GlobaLeaks is an open source whistleblower platform with a very specific goal in mind – to provide an open source framework that can be utilized by those who want to expose what they see as wrong. This means that they’re aren’t going to be the one who leaks the documents, but rather provide the tools for the potential whistleblowers or organizations to leak the documents.

How is this all going to work? Any media, corporation or public agency can use the tools provided by GlobaLeaks to set up a whisteblowing application on their Web site or any other platform. It’s especially useful for the media who, with this service, can now collect whistleblowing reports while keeping the source anonymous. Think of it as the tip box you see at media Web sites but with an added extra layer of security. It also has the bonus of organizing all the documents into one easy to access place.

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