Firefox is getting a Tor-based security upgrade: TNW

Thu, 2017-11-02 00:00

Mozilla is implementing a security upgrade to its Firefox browser that got its start in the Tor Browser, TNW report.

From the article: “The non-profit Mozilla Foundation will remove a ‘feature’ called canvas fingerprinting from Firefox, which allows user-tracking across multiple sites without cookies, in it’s upcoming build. It’ll do this by imitating Tor browser, which was built on modified Firefox code and already blocks tracking.

Canvas fingerprinting, which happens in every major browser, lets websites extrapolate your data — without asking permission — by tracking you across multiple sites with an amalgam of unique identifiers. This method doesn’t require you to carry any tokens or accept a cookie.

This is great for advertisers and websites, but anyone opposed to having their data commoditized without being asked first may take exception.

Read the full article here.