Fighting Fire With Fire: African Regional Body Proposes High Costs for Internet Shutdowns: ICFP fellow Grace Mutung’u

Wed, 2017-05-03 00:01

ICFP fellow Grace Mutung’u, whose work focuses on information controls in Kenya and Uganda, recently authored a guest blog post for Global Voices on the trend of internet shutdowns in Africa.

From the article: “Remedies and penalties aside, local experts continue to debate the question of whether shutdowns are a matter of poor policies or a sign of weak rule of law. Some of the listers take the view that the decision to shut down the Internet in any African country comes down to one person – the person in power. Each of the network disruptions experienced last year can be pointed to a particular ruler. For instance, Uganda’s social media blackout can be credited to President Museveni and Zimbabwe’s to President Mugabe. There is a school of thought that shutdowns in Africa will end when principles such as plurality and equitable development are respected.”

Read the full article here.