Countering Digital Authoritarianism Will Require Support from Governments and Philanthropists

Thu, 2023-02-02 13:08

The decline in global Internet freedom for the 12th year in a row has underscored the importance of the United States’ ongoing efforts to promote Internet freedom and counter digital authoritarianism around the world.

From the article:

Congress’ recent actions to increase funding for the Open Technology Fund (OTF), one of the most important organizations in this fight, are an important step in the right direction. But responding to this threat will require further efforts from both the public and private sectors.”

“The federal government is not the only institution that can support efforts to fight digital authoritarianism, however. In the past, philanthropy and tech companies have stepped up to support organizations similar to OTF in times of resource constraints and emergencies.”

“In its latest effort, OTF is launching the Free and Open Source Software (FOSS) Sustainability Fund.”

OTF’s FOSS Fund is launching with support from Schmidt Futures’ Plaintext Group, Omidyar Network, Okta, and GitHub. We are proud to be launching this fund with other organizations that value open source technologies and invest in the security and sustainability of these tools. 

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