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China’s angry investors leap the Great Firewall—and are shocked by what they learn of Beijing: Quartz

| By: Dan McDevitt

From the article: “[R]ecently, hundreds of Chinese investors, who may be out $6 billion in one of China’s biggest financial scams, have leaped over the Great Firewall in an organized, determined way. After being ignored by China’s regulators and lawmakers, these desperate investors are pouring into Twitter to spread news of their plight…

Cong rallied her fellow Fanya investors to join her Twitter initiative at the end of April. In less than a month, she had gathered hundreds in a WeChat group she set up. Most of them had never used Twitter before, and more than half are middle-aged, and not even active internet users. Most just know how to use chat apps like Weibo or WeChat.

Cong had to learn step-by-step how to bypass online censorship herself, and then she wrote instructions for others. She recommends the Lantern proxy tool for Android phones, and GreenVPN for iPhones, as she finds them the most stable.”

Read the full Quartz article here:

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