Boing Boing: Free usability help for privacy toolmakers

OTF's Usability Lab: making privacy and security tools easier to use
Thu, 2015-12-03 14:55

Boing Boing on OTF’s newly launched Usability Lab – partnering with Simply Secure to make privacy and security tools easy to use:

“We [Simply Secure] employ UX experts who offer free consulting, training, research, support and design advice to privacy projects (if you’re a UX person and this sounds exciting, please get in touch about volunteering). We’ve teamed up with the Open Technology Fund to pay for another year of usability assistance. If you’re working on privacy tech and want to make sure that information-civilians can benefit from it, please get in touch with us about applying for support.”

As AC member Cory Doctorow writes above, OTF is looking to improve the UX of privacy and security tools, so if this sounds interesting to you, visit our Usability Lab to apply!

If you have any questions, feel free to give a shout to Lindsay Beck at [email protected].