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Announcing the Information Controls Fellowship Program

| By: Liz Pruszko Steininger

At the Citizen Lab’s Summer Institute, the Open Technology Fund (OTF) with Citizen Lab announced the launch of the Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP). This program cultivates research, outputs, and creative collaboration at different levels and across institutions on the topic of information controls – specifically repressive Internet censorship and surveillance. To do so, ICFP supports qualified individuals to work within host organizations that are existing centers of expertise by offering competitively paid fellowships.

The OTF Fellowship Program in Information Controls is modeled on other successful fellowship programs, and is jointly administered by Citizen Lab at the Munk School of Global Affairs at the University of Toronto.

The program offers two tiers of fellowships:

Senior Fellows - Offered as a one year term and typically taken up by postdoctoral, doctoral students, and/or researchers / practitioners with demonstrated expertise and experience.

Seasonal Fellows - Offered as a three or six month term and typically taken up by students and/or junior practitioners.

Applications are open to people from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines and can include students, and junior to mid-career practitioners. While individuals with diverse and unlikely backgrounds are encouraged to apply, likely candidates have experience as computer scientists, engineers, information security researchers, software developers, social scientists, lawyers and law students, engineers, data visualization designers, and others.

To apply to be a fellow, just fill out this online form.

Interested host organizations can email [email protected].

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