A Reasonably Secure Future: Benetech

Wed, 2017-03-29 00:00

From the article: “As malware becomes easier for state and non-state attackers to deploy, people who may be targeted need to take extra steps to protect themselves, their information, and the people who are implicated in that information. The fact is that malware vendors have and will continue to develop clever ways to trick people into executing malicious code. All widely-used operating systems are vulnerable (and the myth that Mac computers are more secure because they aren’t targeted is increasingly discredited).

Luckily, free operating systems like Tails and QubesOS come with default, built-in protections against endpoint attacks and infections.”

Read the full Benetech blog post here: https://www.benetech.org/2017/03/28/a-reasonably-secure-future/

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