A guide to staying online if the internet or social media gets blocked in your country: Quartz

Sat, 2017-01-07 00:00

From the article: “There are numerous circumvention tools that can be used to evade censorship and to access the internet anonymously. These include Psiphon, an open source web proxy that helps users skirt content-filtering systems. There is also Tor, which essentially prevents people from tracing your location or spying on your browsing habits. Tor is available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android.

The Guardian Project also has a number of apps like Orbot that can help you browse the internet anonymously, send messages and encrypt your internet traffic. Tails is an operating system that enables you to start on any computer, allowing you to bypass censorship, and uses cryptographic tools to encrypt files and email messages.

Lantern uses peer-to-peer networks to get people in uncensored areas to share their Internet connection and servers with those without the same unfiltered level of access.”

Read the full Quartz article here: https://qz.com/878823/a-guide-to-staying-online-if-the-internet-or-social-media-has-been-blocked-in-your-country/

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