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My Apply

Acknowledgement and Waiver


OTF’s Legal Lab (“the Lab”) is pleased that you and/or your organization (hereinafter referred to as “you”) are considering the retention and engagement of a law firm, or lawyer in a law firm, through OTF’s referral service.

To avoid any misunderstandings, we ask that you read, acknowledge, and signify your agreement to the following:

  1. The Lab cannot guarantee that it will be able to introduce you to a lawyer or law firm that is willing to provide you with legal services on a pro bono basis;
  2. No attorney-client relationship exists between you and the Lab;
  3. Information furnished by you to the Lab, including the information provided above, may be disclosed by the Lab to lawyers and law firms in the Lab’s network for the purpose of determining whether they might be willing to provide pro bono legal assistance or advice to you. If the Lab is successful in introducing you to a lawyer who engages with you on a pro bono basis, we may disclose to OTF’s board of directors, other law firms in our network, and OTF team members the nature of that engagement for the purpose of assessing the Lab’s overall success and effectiveness. We may also use this information in our efforts to add new lawyers to our network. Disclosures made in our efforts to add new lawyers to our network will be of a generalized nature, preserving confidential and sensitive information;
  4. The Lab is not providing and has not provided legal assistance or advice to you;
  5. You acknowledge that upon successful completion of a pro bono engagement, the Lab may contact you and request information about the matter in order to understand your experience using the Lab and to improve our services;
  6. You, not the Lab, are solely responsible for deciding whether to retain, engage or otherwise work with any law firm or lawyer introduced to you by the Lab; and
  7. You hereby waive any claims you might have against the Lab arising out of the introduction of law firms or lawyers to you by the Lab, work done or not done by any lawyer or law firm introduced to you by the Lab, or any other activity of the Lab that might give rise to a claim by you with respect to this request.


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