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August 2022 Newsletter

OTF's August 2022 Newsletter

PiRogue Tool Suite

PiRogue Tool Suite (PTS) is an open-source tool suite that provides a comprehensive forensic and network traffic analysis platform, and is designed to address the lack of open-source means (hardware and software) to assess privacy and security of mobile devices. The comprehensive mobile forensic and network traffic analysis platform targets mobile devices for both Android and iOS, internet-of-things devices (devices that are connected to the user mobile apps), and in general any device using Wi-Fi to connect to the internet.

Recently, PTS announced the first stable release of their suite and is currently presenting demo sessions with more than a dozen NGOs with an internet-freedom focus, including Guardian Project, Article19, and Human Rights Watch. These sessions will help the developers get a better understanding of NGOs’ needs and adjust the PTS functionality accordingly.

Following initial feedback from NGOs, the PTS project has begun exploring supporting multiple hardware platforms due to the ongoing chip shortage and associated price increases for the necessary hardware.


The use of VPNs has grown rapidly in recent years due to increasing consumer awareness of security and privacy risks, massive data breaches, geographic restrictions for content, and reports of ISPs selling data of their users.

This rapid growth of the VPN ecosystem has attracted an influx of new VPN providers with varying levels of popularity. However, not all VPNs actually provide better privacy and security. This project will further develop VPNalyzer, a system enabling systematic and automated investigation into the unregulated VPN ecosystem—advancing public interest in the VPN ecosystem, informing practical regulations and standards, and enforcing accountability and transparency. One of the outputs is a cross-platform desktop tool for users to test their VPN connection's security and privacy features.

Tella - Recently on-boarded with OTF

Tella is a human rights documentation tool that allows users to hide and encrypt sensitive material in a secure container on their mobile device, and sends it to the servers of the organization or partner they are working with. Tella previously received OTF support in 2020.

Tella officially kicked off their new project with OTF. Over the next 12 months, Tella will be utilizing OTF’s support to improve performance and maintainability of Tella Android, improve and achieve parity in security and privacy features between the iOS and Android versions, and improve security and privacy for Tella Web. 

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