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We’ve created a set of fellowships in recognition that focusing support on the amazing people increasing Internet freedom, not just their good projects, is super important. Each fellowship has a different focus and are looking for different people. Chances are there is a fellowship out there for you, whether you’re a project implementers, a funder, policy maker, change agent, advocate, artist, journalist, or academic.

Next deadline: 
The Information Controls Fellowship Program (ICFP) cultivates research, outputs, and creative collaboration on topics related to repressive internet censorship and surveillance.
Next deadline: 
Dec 30, 2017
The Digital Integrity Fellowship Program (DIFP) provides fixed monthly stipends to individuals capable of addressing short-term and long-term threats to freedom of expression online. Fellows provide organizations and communities most affected by internet freedom violations (like journalists, human rights defenders, NGOs, activists, bloggers, and others) comprehensive internal support with their digital security expertise. Simultaneously, Fellows will educate the broader internet freedom field about the threats and vulnerabilities experienced, to ensure that emerging and existing technologies best meet the needs of at-risk communities.