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My Apply

Tara Tarakiyee

Former Staff

Program Manager, OTF


Tara joined OTF in December 2016 as Program Manager.

Before joining OTF, Tara worked on coordinating programs that empower and support civil society groups that that use ICTs to contribute towards human rights at the Association for Progressive Communications (APC).

At APC, Tara worked towards coordinating networking and capacity-building work with women’s and human rights defenders in the Maghreb-Machrek region, helping to foster the culture of digital security and internet rights in the region. Prior to that, Tara helped establish the Jordan Open Source Association (JOSA), leading advocacy campaigns against online censorship, and worked on research mapping the infrastructure, legislation and policy aspects of censorship and surveillance.

Tara has a Bachelor of Engineering degree in Computer Engineering from the German-Jordanian University.

Email: [email protected]

PGP fingerprint: 54F6 900B 7B37 83F9 B183 EDAC 37A1 4517 8BFE 7443

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