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Ksenia Ermoshina


Information Controls Fellow

As a Senior Information Controls Fellow, Ksenia worked at Citizen Lab to investigate information operations (censorship, shutdowns, targeted surveillance) in the context of armed conflicts and post-annexation in the former soviet-union region, namely Ukraine and Russia.

Combining network measurements, sociology and usability studies, Ksenia conducted fieldwork in the region to detect blocking mechanisms and practices, update regional test lists, identify the main security threats for at-risk populations and contribute to building an interdisciplinary methodology for the study of information control in conflicting areas. She employed a hybrid methodology combining network measurements, science and technology studies, and a qualitative ethnographic approach. Ksenia collaborated with another fellow, Igor Valentovich. The results were published in summary form and will be presented at a conference in the summer of 2019. Ksenia’s previous research includes “Migrating Servers, Elusive Users: Reconfigurations of the Russian Internet in the Post-Snowden Era.”

Funding to date

2017 $55,400.00 12 months
Information Controls Fellowship

Total Funding: $55,400.00

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