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Jorge Sebastian Sierra Guerrero


Digital Integrity Fellow

Jorge Sebastian Headshot.jpg

Jorge Sebastian Sierra Guerrero is a technology consultant with 11 years of experience. He recently managed security operations for a Fortune 500 organization, where he led the testing, implementation and improvement of hardened cyber security standards and policies. He provided specialized training to employees and directors to help them transition to a digital security-oriented mindset.

As a Digital Integrity Fellow, he will work to improve the cybersecurity posture of the Mexico Border Investigative Reporting Hub, a network of Mexican border journalists and independent media organizations who are doing investigative reporting on corruption and human rights issues under challenging circumstances in seven border Mexican states. This region is one of the most dangerous zones for journalists in the world.

Funding to date

2020 $65,000.00 12 months
Digital Integrity Fellowship

Total Funding: $65,000.00

Jorge Sebastian Headshot.jpg

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