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Hoàng Nguyên Phong


Information Controls Fellow


Phong worked with University of Massachusetts - Amherst to study the Invisible Internet Project (I2P) with a focus on the network's censorship resistance.

The Invisible Internet Project (I2P) is a well-known and widely used anonymity network. I2P can be used by privacy-conscious Internet users to protect their online privacy, or by censored users to bypass censorship. Phong carried out numerous projects to improve the I2P ecosystem. He first built a metrics portal for I2P that provides useful data for other researchers. Following this, Phong published numerous papers identifying where and how access to I2P is blocked around the globe. Finally, he investigated and implemented solutions to make I2P more resistant to blockage. As a result of this work, I2P is now more accessible to end users who need the tool to circumvent Internet censorship and online surveillance. A blog post summarizing all the work completed over the course of the fellowship can be found here.

Funding to date

2018 $55,400 12 months
Information Controls Fellowship

Total Funding: $55,400