My Apply
My Apply

Fiona Krakenbürger

Former Staff

Program Manager


Fiona joined the OTF team in January 2019.

Before joining OTF, Fiona worked on transparency, civic tech and freedom of information at the Open Knowledge Foundation (OKF). At OKF, Fiona was a program manager at the Prototype Fund, where she consulted, managed and coordinated the funded projects and teams. Before that, Fiona was a community organizer for Code for Germany, and helped to build up a large civic tech network of volunteer developers.

Fiona has a background in Science and Technology Studies and she engages as an activist in various diversity and digital literacy initiatives.

Email: [email protected]

PGP fingerprint: 2624 90EF FC45 7A48 B5A4 36E4 4E87 9A80 7D25 699F

Signal: +1 (202) 352-2556


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