My Apply
My Apply

Dhyta Caturani


Digital Integrity Fellow


Dhyta Caturani is a feminist activist working on issues related to human rights, social justice, civil liberties, sexuality, women’s rights, and violence against women.

Previously as a Project Coordinator at EngageMedia, she focused on the use of alternative media and technology within social movements to create positive and ethical change. She has co-founded a number of collectives and is currently organizing a group of women activists and technologists to work together on issues of gender, sexuality, and technology. Dhyta’s fellowhip aims at raising the awareness of LGBT activists in Indonesia about digital threats and to equip them with the right knowledge and skills, allowing each organization that Dhyta will be working with to create a Standard of Operational Procedures on digital security to ensure that the practice is sustainable.

Funding to date

2016 $30,000 7 months
Digital Integrity Fellowship

Total Funding: $30,000


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